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What is going on in Basel in December 2021?

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The life of an expat is a wonderfully exciting and educational experience. But at times it can also be rather frustrating as we deal with the daily challenges of learning a new culture, overcome a language barrier, and struggle to find what we need for our families and our sanity!  Basel Life Magazine has been helping expats for 9 years to make the most of their experience in Basel, however long or short that may be. The magazine has been produced by expats for expats, so we have included the information we believe will be relevant to you!

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stop publication of Basel Life Magazine in its current format with the July/August 2021 issue. However, that does not mean that Basel Life has come to an end for good! After a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this summer, we are now in the process of developing an online platform, Basel Life Digital, that will offer the same type of information, in a convenient online format that is free to access for everybody. This is taking some time, as we want to ensure that we can deliver a high-quality product that will provide you with the information you are looking for in a user-friendly format that can also be conveniently accessed on your mobile devices. 

But of course we realize that Basel's cultural life doesn't stop while we work on our platform--in fact, it is just picking up again after the various shut-downs. To make sure that you can still find out about what is going on in town, we will be putting together a simplified "mini-magazine" with an overview of most important or interesting events. Simply click on the image on the right to download a pdf with all the pertinent information for the current month.

We will continue with this format for the next couple of months, until we can go live with our new platform. We hope this will help you enjoy the coming fall months in Basel, whether you are new to the city or have been here for a while!