À bruit secret — Hearing in Art

Museum Tinguely
Until May 14

“À bruit secret—Hearing in Art” is the fourth in a series of five themed exhibitions at Museum Tinguely dealing in experimental ways with the human senses. Focusing attention on hearing, which plays an important role in multisensory experiences of art, the exhibition offers various immersive and interactive encounters with familiar and less familiar soundscapes. Historical works and pieces created specially for the show by around 25 international artists, invite visitors to pay attention to what they are hearing, opening up acoustic fields usually hidden from the human ear. What does the Rhein sound like as it flows through Basel? What’s to be heard beneath the surface of the ocean? Can urban noise or the voices of animals and humans be used to make artworks? How have human activity and climate change altered the sounds of the jungle? Can soundwaves be perceived other than by our ears, and how can acoustic phenomena be visualized? The exhibition includes sculptures, multimedia installations, photographs, works on paper, and paintings dating from the Baroque period to the present day.

photo: alexander brix tillegreen, installation recording of “phantom streams for o-overgaden” (2022, at o-overgaden institute for contemporary art, copenhagen, 2022; alexander brix tillegreen; photo: mikkel kaldal