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Basel Life Magazine is published 10 times per year. We offer advertising space throughout the magazine, including on the central calendar that can be taken out by readers to keep handy and which therefore offers great exposure.

Available ad sizes and prices include the following:

Main body of the issue:
1/8 page                CHF 110 (horizontal format only)
1/4 page                CHF 210 (vertical format only)
1/2  page               CHF 410 (horizontal or vertical format)
1/1 page                CHF 810

Back page:
1/2 page                CHF 510 (horizontal format only)
1/1 page                CHF 1,010

Central calendar:
1/2 Sidebar           CHF 160
1/1 Sidebar           CHF 310
1/2 Front row        CHF 210
1/1 Front row        CHF 410

To place an ad and for more information about advertising opportunities and discount programs for repeat ads, please contact our Advertising Manager, Susanne Hiller, by filling out the following form:

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