If you are looking to inform Basel’s Expat community with its thousands of members from all parts of the world about your products or services, Basel Life is the perfect choice!

General Information

Advertisements on Basel Life are displayed on almost all pages of our site, including the home page, individual articles, calendar page, and individual calendar entries. Clicking on the ads will direct users to your website.

All ads have the same format and are rotating through the available slots on each page. Therefore, all ads receive the same exposure. However, if you would like to increase exposure of your ads, you are welcome to book two or more slots (with the same or different motifs).


  • Size: All ads have a resolution of 760 x 428 pixel (landscape format only). You are welcome to submit a file with a higher resolution , as long as the ratio of the sides is 16:9.
  • File type: All ads should be provided as a JPG or PNG file. While we can convert PDFs into JPG files, we cannot guarantee the quality of the resulting file.
  • URL: Please provide the URL of the website to which you would like us to link your ad.


The cost for the advertisements depends on the number of weeks or months that the ads will be displayed on our pages, with discounts for longer periods.

2 weeks: CHF 100
1 month: CHF 200
2 months: CHF 400
3 months: CHF 550
6 months: CHF 1,050
12 months: CHF 2,000


If you have questions or would like to book your ad, please contact Susanne at