Animal Parks — A Fun Excursion for the Whole Family

© vogelpark steinen

Animal parks make for wonderful excursions for the whole family—not just during the summer months, but in many cases year round. Especially for kids it is fascinating as well as educational to watch animals native to this part of the world but also from more exotic regions.

© zoo basel

There are plenty of opportunities to visit animal parks large and small in the Basel region, other parts of Switzerland, as well as neighboring France and Germany. Some parks specialize in certain species, such as the Vogelpark Steinen in Germany that is dedicated to birds of all sizes and from different habitats; the Montagne de Singes in Alsace that serves as a reserve for the preservation of certain monkeys; and the Schlangenzoo in Thurgau, which exhibits poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes. Other parks offer an extraordinary breadth of both local animals as well as those from other continents, such as the zoos in Basel, Bern, or Zürich.

Check out the PDF below, which lists a large selection of animal parks that can be reached within about 90 minutes from Basel and thus make for wonderful day trips. For each park you will find an overview of the animals and other facilities you can expect there. You will surely find a park to meet your interests! (Originally published in Basel Life Magazine in July/August 2019.)

photo: © tierpark arth-goldau