Basel Life Announces New Partnerships

Basel Life is very pleased to announce that we are now partnering with two local expat-run resources, “You Belong in Basel” and “Fresh Air Kids Switzerland.” We all have the goal of helping the expat community in Basel make the most of their stay in this beautiful city, however long that stay will be. Basel and Switzerland have more to offer than any one resource can cover, and we are convinced that our efforts complement each other perfectly. So check out our new partners!

You Belong in Basel

You Belong in Basel is a website that helps people settle, connect, and thrive in Basel. Started in 2020, its goals are to help newcomers settle, to break down some of the existing barriers between the expat and Swiss communities, and to encourage a greater sense of community by welcoming volunteer contributions and collaborations. 

Their ‘Discover’ page can help you navigate life in Basel with numerous articles on topics such as food and drink, hobbies, German learning, kids’ activities, hiking, and more. With their ‘Explore’ page, you can find Basel’s hidden gems among its many neighborhoods, including restaurants, shopping, and things to do. Their ‘Travel’ page maps out day and weekend trips within three hours of Basel to make the most of its central location.

The site is completely volunteer driven and welcomes many different types of contributions and collaborations. Volunteers are needed to write blurbs and articles, explore neighborhoods, or share their knowledge of Basel and the surrounding region. This site is also happy to feature local organizations and businesses whose mission is based on community building. For more information on volunteering visit their ‘Join’ page.

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Fresh Air Kids Switzerland

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland was born out of one family’s love of nature. After moving to Switzerland in 2007, Melinda and Robert Shoutens immediately fell in love with the Swiss Alps. While expecting their first child, they vowed to continue to spend time outdoors. From pregnancy, to babies, to toddlers, and now teens, they have been outside hiking and exploring as a family for many years.

In 2019 they published the first of four books. Each of their books includes several chapters to help readers navigate the pages and, ultimately, the trails with ease. Chapter two profiles how to safely hike in the mountains and what to bring for a successful day or overnight. Chapter three is the heart of the book, which includes where to go, how to get there, and what to expect. Each hike includes the skill level required (easy, moderate, or hard), plus highlights of the route with beautiful images. Chapter four provides hands-on activities, educational ideas and fun for children of all ages.

The authors have personally visited each recommended area in their books, making their tips and tricks extremely helpful with information their readers can rely on.

All of their books are written with heart and include stunning images of Switzerland’s impressive landscape. Whether hiking with small children, staying overnight in a hut, or adventuring in winter, their books are the perfect travel companions for families and individuals of all ages.

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