Basel’s Rules for Fireworks

An integral part of the celebrations of Switzerland’s National Day on August 1 are the many fireworks that are set off everywhere—not just by communities for their organized public festivities, but also private citizens. Many people host barbecue parties and/or set off their own private fireworks, which is legal on July 31/August 1 and New Year’s Eve. But there are some limitations on what, when, and where you can set off your own rockets, sparklers, and volcanos.

What Types of Fireworks Can You Purchase?

Sales of these fireworks only begin a few days before the holiday and are limited to certain stores that have the appropriate permits (eg, larger Migros and COOP stores, as well as hardware or do-it-yourself stores and a few others). The fireworks that you can purchase as a private person without further training are classified into three categories based on the associated level of risk, noise they generate, and amount of explosive they contain.

When and Where Can You Set Off Fireworks in Basel-Stadt?

In order to accommodate concerns that fireworks can be stressful and disturbing to both animals and many people, canton Basel-Stadt has now specified additional rules for when and where you can set off private fireworks. Thus, if you live in Basel-Stadt, note these restrictions, that are valid through January 1, 2024:

What to Consider When Setting Off Your Fireworks

If you want to set off your own fireworks, follow these simple rules to ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone:

Or you can just sit back and enjoy the show that your neighbors or your community put on to celebrate the Swiss National Day!