Bring Your Own Shade to the Rhein This Summer

The main recommended swimming area on the Rhein in Basel is between the Schwarzwaldbrücke (by Museum Tinguely) and the Dreirosenbrücke on the Kleinbasel side of the river. However, even non-swimmers enjoy the banks of the river in the summer, mostly sitting on the seating steps along the embankment. Depending on the time of day, however, these steps offer little shade. Basel’s building and transport department is therefore testing holders for parasols on the Kleinbasel bank of the Rhein, which will allow people to bring their own parasol and attach it for shade.

Twelve new brackets have been installed by the seating steps along Unterer Rheinweg, at the extensions of Florastrasse and Oetlingerstrasse. There are three different mounted versions that have been designed to be non-intrusive and user-friendly. By late summer, the civil engineering office will evaluate whether there is a demand for the brackets and which version has proved to be most suitable, based on criteria such as usability, costs, maintenance, and resistance to vandalism. The civil engineering office is also welcoming feedback from users at If the offer proves successful, it could be expanded in the coming years.

The idea for parasol holders came via a written request from a Basel resident for more shade on the Kleinbasel banks of the Rhein. It is one of a number of planned permanent and temporary measures to reduce heat and improve the urban climate. With the upcoming renovation of the Rhein banks along the Oberer Rheinweg, the plan is to also plant the three pulpits with additional trees that will provide shade in the future.