Caves and Prehistoric Park

Reclères (JU)
© préhisto-parc

“Grottes et Préhisto-Parc de Réclère” is a fun and educational family outing about 75 minutes from Basel that is like two outings in one. They are open for the season from around Easter (this year, March 24) until November.

Since their discovery in the late 1800s, the caves of Reclères have fascinated visitors. Along a landscaped 1,500-m path (not accessible with strollers—there are 580 steps), you will discover stalagmites and stalactites of rare beauty and great diversity, including the largest stalagmite in Switzerland with a height of 15 meters. You can visit the caves during several guided tours (French and German) throughout the day; check their website for information on tour hours. Note that the temperature in the caves is 7°C year-round, so make sure to dress accordingly.

© préhisto-parc

In the wooded area around the caves, you can continue your journey back in time by visiting the Prehistoric Park. In a gorgeous setting in the Jura forest, you will find 45 life-size reproductions of animals from the days of the dinosaurs along a stroller-accessible 2-kilometer forest path. Many informative panels provide an educational supplement to these reproductions based on the latest paleontological knowledge. There is also a suspension bridge over a pond that houses impressive marine reptiles, as well as a large DNA-shaped double helix observation tower, with a splendid view of the Doubs valley.

If you want to make it an overnight trip—they are offering several unique accommodations, including bungalows built entirely out of wood and located in the middle of nature, Swiss-yurts, a mobile home, and a campsite.

You can purchase tickets to visit the caves, the prehistoric park, or combination tickets for both at a reduced price.