Christopher Lehmpfuhl — Between Pathos and Pastos

Museum Forum Würth
Until October 29

The Berlin artist Christopher Lehmpfuhl (*1972) is considered a shooting star of contemporary realism. Unusual for a contemporary artist, he paints outdoors. In all weather, he applies thick layers of oil paint directly to the canvas with his hands, creating vivid urban and natural landscapes full of light. The exhibition in the Forum Würth Arlesheim shows around 35 works from the Würth Collection, supplemented by a few loans from the artist’s studio.

C. Sylvia Weber (Head of Art and Culture Division in the Würth Group) states, “The painter Christopher Lehmpfuhl succeeds in capturing the lighting moods of his motifs on the canvas in an incomparable way. Once you have watched him at work, you are doubly fascinated. On the one hand by his unerring and passionate handling of the color, which, applied quickly, generously and impastoly by hand, gradually reveals all the details of the motif in a real three-dimensionality. On the other hand, by the artist himself, who is completely covered in paint at the end of a painting day.”

The entrepreneur and collector Reinhold Würth follows Christopher Lehmpfuhl’s artistic work with great interest. He has amassed around 80 works in over 15 years, thereby creating the exceptional conditions for presenting this grandiose work to a broad public in exhibitions in the museums and art branches of the Würth Group.

To listen to the artist’s words as you visit the exhibition, simply bring your cell phone and headphones to the exhibition. You can access the corresponding audio recordings via the Würth Collection app (for Android or iOS); their team at the reception will be happy to help you with any questions.