Colmar Celebrates Easter and Spring

Colmar, France
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March 28 to April 21, 2024

Colmar is the quintessential jewel of the Alsace region. With its quaint narrow streets, authentic and colorful timber houses that are characteristic of the region, artistically gilded store signs, numerous wine boutiques offering free tastings (dégustations gratuites) of wines from the surrounding vineyards, little canals streaming through the town reminiscent of a miniature Venice, not to mention the prize-winning flower displays that have won Colmar numerous awards, it makes for a wonderful day excursion at any time of the year. Easter time is no exception as Colmar celebrates the coming of spring in style.

Outdoor Markets and Activities

This year, from March 28 to April 21, the Place de l’Ancienne Douane and Place des Dominicains, two of the city’s historic squares, will host authentic markets where small wooden chalets, decorated in the colors of Easter and Spring, will welcome 70 exhibitors from the region, rigorously selected for their authenticity. For example, you will find household linens, decorative objects, plants, beauty products, clothing, jewelry, toys, as well as many gourmet products such as Alsatian beer, chocolates, nougats, Alsatian white wine, macaroons, jams, meats, cheeses, foie gras, and so much more. Don’t try to leave empty-handed, you won’t be able to resist so many temptations.

At the same time, children will delight in discovering farm animals, including ducks, birds, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigeons, hens, and chicks at a “farm in the city.” These markets are open 10:00-19:00 daily and entrance is free.

In addition to these two outdoor markets, Colmar celebrates spring by organizing numerous events such as street entertainment, guided wine tastings at the city’s winegrowers, and even an important classical music and jazz festival… Long live Spring!

Indoor Markets

There will also be several indoor specialty markets in the Koïfhus (the old customs house) at 29 Grand’Rue. The markets are also open from 10:00-19:00 and entrance is free.

March 29 – April 1: On the Easter weekend from March 29 to April 1, about 30 exhibitors will be displaying their egg creations, including eggs decorated with paint, calligraphy, and perforated designs.

April 4–7: On this occasion, around 20 exhibitors coming mainly from Alsace present their creations, all made from textiles but each with their own personality. They use a variety of fabrics—wool, cotton, linen, kelsch (traditional Alsatian textile in linen or linen and cotton), felt, silk, boiled wool, velvet—with which they create unique patchwork pieces, including kilts, accessories, clothes, jewelry, and other unique textile pieces of art.

April 11–14: For this exhibition/sale “Shards of Earth,” numerous artisans, mainly from Alsace but also from other French regions, present their creations to the public, all resulting from working the earth in different forms—stoneware, porcelain, earthenware and even glass. The materials are as varied as the techniques are impressive.

April 18-21: New this year, a dozen wood craftsmen will be on hand to showcase their work and their know-how. They will offer demonstrations and a large choice of jewelry, decorative objects, and everyday utensils.