Covid-19 Vaccination Recommendation for Autumn/Winter 2023

Covid-19 cases are on the rise again, and while most cases seem to be mild, many people wonder if they should get a vaccine booster that may also be more effective against newer virus strains. While not recommending the Covid-19 vaccination for people without risk factors or health care workers, the federal authorities advise people who are particularly at risk for a severe disease course to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the coming colder season. These include people over 65 years old and people ages 16 and older with an increased individual health risk due to a pre-existing illness. Pregnant women with chronic illnesses also belong to the group of people at particular risk. The list of relevant pre-existing illnesses can be found in the federal vaccination recommendation at

People without risk factors have little risk of serious illness due to the currently still high level of immunity resulting from vaccination or prior Covid-19 infection in the population. In addition, the protection against mild infections and virus transmission through vaccination is considered low. For this reason, the federal authorities do not make any recommendations for health care workers either. However, people who wish to be vaccinated without a recommendation can do so at their own expense at the usual vaccination locations (see below).

For those who should get vaccinated, a single dose of an adapted vaccine is recommended between mid-October and mid-December to ensure the best possible protection in the winter season.

Available Vaccines: The majority of doctor’s practices and pharmacies offer the vaccine from Moderna and occasionally from Pfizer/BioNTech. The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) also offers the Novavax vaccine. 

Vaccination Locations: In canton Basel-Stadt, Covid-19 vaccinations are possible in various pharmacies and general practitioners’ offices, as well as the Swiss TPH. A continuously updated overview of the institutions offering vaccines can be found at

Note that the Swiss certificate system has been closed since September 1, 2023. If requested, proof of vaccination can be provided in the individual vaccination certificate.

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