Enjoy Cheese Fondue Without the Smell!

Few things are more Swiss than enjoying an intimate evening around a bubbling pot of cheese fondue with a group of friends and family; this highly social activity is as ubiquitous in Switzerland as are chocolate and watches. You can learn more about cheese fondue, its origins, and how to prepare it in your home, in our “Culture & Traditions” section at https://www.basellife.com/cheese-fondue/.

Aside from the high number of calories, however, one of the main drawbacks to serving cheese fondue at home is that it leaves a pretty strong smell in your house that can linger for days. As the Swiss-German slogan says “Chli stinke muess es” (It must stink a little)! So, while most proper Swiss households have their own cheese fondue set-up (ceramic pot, stand, heat source, and forks), many Swiss people prefer to eat fondue outside of the home—in restaurants, ski chalets, or fondue huts—to avoid the lingering olfactory souvenirs of the beloved dish. In addition to Basel’s traditional Swiss restaurants like the Walliser Kanne (https://www.walliserkanne-basel.ch/) that serve typical Swiss specialties such as cheese fondue year-round, an increasing number of places pop up to offer cheese fondue in the cooler months; here are a few for you to discover in the Basel area.