200 Years Naturhistorisches Museum Basel

Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Ongoing Event
Sat., 01 January until Sun., 01 May

In 1821, Basel opened its very first state museum. Visitors eager for knowledge visited the Natural History Museum in the Falkensteinerhof building on Münsterplatz. The new “Centre for Teaching, Research, and Communication” enthralled not just the public but scientists as well because they had never before shared their knowledge with people outside of university and academic circles. The general public could now experience for themselves the benefits of natural-history research. The specialist libraries, collections, and research equipment were no longer scattered throughout the city but were finally brought under one roof.
This is an achievement worthy of celebration, and the museum will be acknowledging it with an exhibition that will be more of a journey through the ages. Travel with them through the centuries and meet the people who helped to shape the Natural History Museum Basel. What motivated their collections and research? Why did they leave their life’s work to the museum and what were their expectations? The small exhibition bears witness to the great passion with which generations of collectors have taken care of nature’s treasures and preserved them for future generations. The Natural History Museum Basel’s rich past is based on their immense respect for life on our planet and their enormous dedication. photo: © kostas maros


Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Augustinergasse 2
4051 Basel

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