One Vision of Queen

The Hall Zürich
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Wednesday, 25 October

The band Queen has fascinated people all over the world for decades. From danceable hits, great hymns, and deep love songs to musical masterpieces—Queen had them all. Hardly any other singer has shaped music history as much as Freddie Mercury did during his lifetime. A baritone by nature, he was able to shape the various registers of his voice in a variety of ways. Marc Martel, the Canadian rock singer who is considered the vocal reincarnation of Freddie Mercury, will bring the exceptional artist back to the stage when he returns in 2023 with "One Vision of Queen feat. Marc Martel." Martel is one of the most sought-after Freddy Mercury performers worldwide. He was discovered by original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor and has been touring the globe with his own Queen shows for over 10 years. His career has skyrocketed internationally since playing live with May and Taylor and appearing on “American Idol.” He sings the anthems and Queen songs to packed stadiums at major games of the National Football League in the United States and tours internationally. With "One Vision of Queen,” Martel brings the legacy of one of the greatest rock groups of all time to the stage and is reviving the Queen phenomenon in its original form.
Tickets are CHF 61.10-105.50.


The Hall
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