A Tribute to T-Bone Walker

Atlantis Basel
Friday, 23 June

Another exclusive show presented by Groove Now—a tribute show honoring the great Aaron "T-Bone" Walker. Walker, born in Linden Texas, was one of the first to popularize the electric guitar in the blues, although he was not the first to use it in the blues. Long before Jimi Hendrix caused a sensation with his string acrobatics, Walker was already playing the guitar behind his head or between his legs and also performed Chuck Berry's Duck Walk. He is therefore also considered the forefather of these innovators of rock music and was also a role model for most Texas blues guitarists because of his wealth of ideas.
There probably isn't a serious blues guitarist in the world who doesn't reference Walker. The Groove Now tribute concert in Basel will feature Texas greats who represent the “who's who” of current Texas blues. Featuring the best female blues guitarist in the world, Sue Foley; the most promising young star, saxophonist and vocalist Vanessa Collier; Texas guitar legend Anson Funderburgh; perhaps eternal insider Rusty Zinn; keyboardist Deyquan Bowen;s and the great rhythm section with Jon Penner on bass and Corey Keller on drums, this tribute concert guarantees a stellar evening of blues. For this final concert in the 2023 Blues Week series, Groove Now will bring the unforgettable T-Bone Walker to life—a world premiere not to be missed!
Tickets are CHF 68.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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