After Hours — Chillen im Museum

Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
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If you are interested in seeing the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel’s exhibit “Sexy. Driving Force of Life” in the evening, here is your chance. The animal kingdom is vibrant and diverse. In this special exhibition, you can learn about the role that sex plays in reproduction, as well as the lengths animals will go to breed. They turn on the charm with their best displays and most splendid plumage. In the survival of the fittest, animals fearlessly fight off the competition with the ultimate aim of becoming attentive parents who watch over their young. But there isn’t a clear pattern to their roles—the animal kingdom is ahead of its time and has always had different family models.
On this evening, you can visit this special exhibit at your leisure, followed by a relaxing drink with friends at the museum bar.
Entrance is free; drinks are extra.


Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Augustinergasse 2
4051 Basel

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