All You Need is Love — The Beatles Musical

Musical Theater Basel
Monday, 23 January

The hit musical tells the story of the Beatles, from Star Club to world fame. In 1960, four young men named John, Paul, George, and Ringo formed the band The Beatles. A decade followed in which the so-called "Fab Four" wrote music history and left hits for eternity. Their first album, "Please Please Me," was released in 1963, and their music still causes euphoria around the world to this day. The musical biography "all you need is love!" has already inspired an audience of millions and brings the magic of this time back to the stage just in time for the 60th anniversary of the premiere album.
With an estimated more than a billion records sold worldwide, the most No. 1 albums, and the most successful composer duo Lennon/McCartney in pop history, the Beatles are undoubtedly one of the greatest bands of all time.
The musical biography tells in two acts the most important stations of the band on their way to world fame: from the first performances in Hamburg's Star Club to their last joint concert on the roof of the record company Apple Records in London. The artists not only impress with their professional live singing; their great acting talent also comes into its own in the recurring speaking episodes and short stories. Authentic costumes and historical video recordings complete the illusion and take the audience back to the 1960s.


Musical Theater Basel
Feldbergstrasse 151
4058 Basel

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