Allschwil Moves — Gentle Gymnastics

Wegmattenpark Allschwil
Fri 05.07. | Fri 12.07. | Fri 19.07. | Fri 26.07. | Fri 02.08. | Fri 09.08.

Again this summer, the community of Allschwil is offering free exercise classes in one of their parks.
These outdoor classes offer gentle free gymnastics for more mobility, coordination, balance, and strength. You can expect a varied movement training from head to toe. The diverse gymnastic exercises are gentle, easy on the joints, and activate your circulation. In addition, the coordination skills are trained, and balance and relaxation exercises round off the free fitness. "Allschwil Moves—Gently" is especially suitable for seniors and takes place in any weather. Please bring a gymnastics mat or bath towel. No registration required.
Participation is free but there will be a piggy bank available for much appreciated contributions for each coach.


Gemeindepark Allschwil
4123 Allschwil

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