Allschwiler Klausenlauf — Santa Claus Run

Schulhaus Gartenhof, Allschwil
Sunday, 04 December

The Klausenlauf in Allschwil has been a beloved run in the region since 1980. With around 1,500 participants, half of which are kids, there is a run for everyone—from 0.85 km and 1.7 km runs for kids, a 6.6 km running and Nordic walking course, to the main run of 10 km for various age categories. At the finish, Samiclaus (Santa Claus) hands a prize to every participant, and the children also receive a medal and a “Grättima” (a sweet dough pastry shaped like a little person). The run will start and finish at the Schulhaus Gartenhof, which offers a great infrastructure as well as the Renntier-Beiz (reindeer snack bar) that provides refreshments for all.
Register online until December 1 (November 24 for groups/teams), or on the spot until 1 hour before the start for an additional CHF 10.
Registration costs CHF 30 for adults, CHF 20 for youths, and CHF 15 for kids.


Schulhaus Gartenhof
Lettenweg 30
4123 Allschwil

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