Alpine Flea Market

Offene Kirche Elisabethen
Wednesday, 18 May

Second-hand charm instead of fast fashion—the Alpin-Flohmis (Alpine flea markets) are "classic" flea markets where private individuals can sell or buy used mountaineering equipment. The aim of the initiators, Mountain Wilderness Switzerland and Public Eye, is to make a concrete contribution to resource protection and more sustainability in mountain sports with the Alpin-Flohmis. The outdoor market is booming, with 227 million pieces of equipment sold in Europe in 2018 according to the market research report of the European Outdoor Group. But the constant consumption of new products contributes significantly to the environmental problems of our time, be it climate change or the excessive consumption of natural resources. In order to reduce our ecological footprint, sustainable consumption patterns are required. In addition to environmentally friendly production, a reduction in the consumption of newly produced equipment is also urgently needed. The Alpin-Flohmis contribute to more sustainability in mountaineering and give objects that are no longer used a second life. There will be a Basel edition of this mountaineering equipment flea market in Basel, at the Offenen Kirche Elisabethen.
Entrance is free


Offene Kirche Elisabethen
Elisabethenstrasse 14
4051 Basel

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