Ana Carla Maza

Théâtre La Coupole
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Friday, 22 September

This season at the Théâtre La Coupole, just across the border in Saint-Louis, France, opens with Ana Carla Maza, a young Cuban singer and virtuoso cellist. After more than 150 Bahía concerts in 15 countries, Maza returns with her new album “Caribe,” this time accompanied by four musicians for an even more intense experience! “Caribe” is an invitation to travel, a fusion between jazz, classical music, and multiple Latin inspirations—montuno, tango, huayno, cumbia, reggae, bossa nova, samba... Maza brings a sensual touch with her warm voice and the mixture of French and Spanish lyrics. This concert will delight music lovers looking to explore new sounds, combining tradition and modernity. Discover this talented and passionate artist and share her joie de vivre and her passion for Latin music.
Tickets are € 22-28 for adults and € 12 for students.


Théâtre La Coupole
4 Croisée des Lys, 68300 Saint-Louis

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