Angelika Schori — Sichtweise (Viewpoints)

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In her artistic practice, Angelika Schori engages with observations in visual perception, philosophy, and phenomenology. She works in painting, sculpture, installation, and, more recently, photography. In "Sichtweise," she focuses on artistic analyses of codified viewing processes, which she partly manipulates, but partly leaves to the viewer to answer such open questions of perception.
The artist aims to capture ephemeral moments and “preserve” them for the audience. Her work is a profound reflection on individual perception and its significance in everyday life. While aiming to highlight the beauty in the inconspicuous, she underscores its uniqueness for each individual person and encourages the viewer to consciously perceive and appreciate the fleeting aesthetic moments in their own lives.
Schori's works address the limited perspectives of our perception and encourage questioning established notions and viewpoints. They emphasize how our view of the world is always shaped and limited by our individual standpoint and invite us to consider things from different perspectives. She reminds us that in the quiet of everyday life lies a world full of subtle beauty and significance, waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Through her works, which often include elements of painting, these invisible dimensions are revealed to us, and we learn to view the world not just superficially, but in its full depth.
Angelika Schori has exhibited extensively in Switzerland, Germany, France, and the United States in group and solo shows. The artist lives and works in Basel. (


see you next tuesday
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