Anissa Damali

Parterre One
Saturday, 13 April

Anissa Damali, Basel singer with Italian and North African roots, and her musicians are presenting their new music live for the first time. Their music is inspired by pop rock and dance music of the 70s and 80s, which also allows for easy excursions into jazz and world music.
The versatile and polyglot artist’s life journey took her to cities like London and New York and to Brazil for 10 years. Whether with different jazz formations, DJ projects, voice and face of the live homage to the wonderful Amy Winehouse—her performances are characterized by her great voice and charisma. Whether brutal, very quiet, tender, funky, demanding, angry, whether just voice and piano or full energy with drums, lots of electronics, power—her voice can covey it all!
Tickets are CHF 27 in advance, CHF 33 at the door, and CHF 5 for students.


Parterre One
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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