Anniversary Celebration — 10 Years Child-Friendly Municipality Reinach

Gemeindehausplatz Reinach
14:00-24:00 / 12:00-24:00

The community of Reinach will this year be celebrating a special anniversary—10 years of recognition as a child-friendly community. Ten years ago, Reinach was one of the first municipalities to receive the Unicef label “child-friendly municipality.” This will be duly celebrated with a big festival offering countless attractions—including games, food, market stalls, and more—on the festival mile from Wielandplatz via Gemeindehausplatz and Kirchgasse to Ernst Feigenwinter-Platz. The additional locations of the Mischeli, Tierpark, and Kägen will be connected to the town center with a small train. Many local clubs will also be present at the festival.
This event is free.


Gemeindeverwaltung Reinach
Hauptstrasse 10
4153 Reinach

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