Anouar Brahem Quartet

Stadtcasino Basel
Monday, 03 April

Again and again, Anouar Brahem has been compared to Ziryab, who was expelled from the court of Baghdad in the ninth century because of his new-sounding music and founded the Moorish-Andalusian school of music in Córdoba, which in turn gave rise to the European lute and guitar tradition. Like Ziryab, Brahem plays the Arabic bent-neck lute—the oud—and also broke out of the musical tradition of his country. Brahem combines the Arabic musical tradition with Western styles, including jazz. Tempo and time are also key themes when Brahem speaks of his compositional style. "I don't start from a firmly defined idea. I work much like a visual artist. I use the oud as a pencil and the recorder as a sketchpad. I love the dreams that occur while I'm working: They bring forth ideas that then often go out again like flashes in the pan."
Tickets are CHF 36.10-91.90.


Stadtcasino Basel
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