Anri Sala — In the Midst of Old Masters

Kunstmuseum Basel
Ongoing Event
© photo: max ehrengruber
Tue., 30 April until Sun., 15 September

Kunstmuseum Basel is presenting the latest work by artist Anri Sala (*1974, Tirana, Albania) in the Hauptbau in the midst of their Old Masters paintings. Sala made the six frescoes in 2023, which were acquired by the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation that same year. In them, Sala revives the historical craft of al fresco painting, in relation to thoughts about temporality and narrative—themes that are crucial to his oeuvre. The presentation is curated by Dr. Bodo Brinkmann.
The Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation has taken an interest in Sala’s art since first acquiring work by him in 2004. The frescoes from the series “Legenda Aurea Inversa” and “Surface to Air” were acquired in 2023.


Kunstmuseum Basel
St. Alban-Graben 16
4051 Basel

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