Antje Schupp — Recycling of Life

Reithalle Kaserne Basel
© pati grabowicz
20:00 (16:00 on Sun.)

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a household clear-out knows that the junk that has to be disposed of usually has no value—or does it? Swiss theater award winner and Kaserne LAB artist Antje Schupp invites the audience to an advanced recycling session. After a relaxed arrival with drinks and coffee from Grandma's best service, Schupp and her team take on the task of rummaging through all of the loaded things from the past. Musical, playful, full of attention to detail, between exhibition setting and loving chaos: definitely more “bless this mess” than Marie Kondō. “Recycling of Life” speculates on the eternal cycle of life and things—in order to live, cells die in us unnoticed, sometimes every second, and are renewed. Philosophically, the evening not only poses the question of value, but also utilizes memories, knowledge, and experiences. What to do with all the things and memories?
Tickets are CHF 15-25.


Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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