Apollon — Nordstern in the Theater

Augusta Raurica
Saturday, 01 July

Start the summer off on the right foot with a unique open-air experience that will take place in the Roman theater at Augusta Raurica, with a focus on electronic music and visual arts. The world-famous Basel Club Nordstern invites you to Augst for the first time, where you can dance into the sunset in the imposing ancient setting.
Even the Roman emperors knew that people need two things to be happy—“panem et ludos” (bread and games). For the latter, they built theaters like the one in Augusta Raurica, notably the best-preserved of its kind north of the Alps. Clubs are modern theaters, places of culture, but also of exuberance—places of games, that is.
What could be more fitting in modern times then experiencing the Nordstern moving into the Augusta Raurica Theater for a summer day and evening, spanning a viaduct between ancient high culture and modernity with a unique mix of electronic music and contemporary art. The lineup is impressive and includes Colyn (Afterlife), Woo York, Olympe (Afterlife), and Yare (Nordstern), with visuals by Anka.
Tickets are CHF 39-120 and only available in advance online; don’t wait!


Augusta Raurica / Roman House
Giebenacher Strasse 17
4302 Augst

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