Arditti Quartet (London)

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Tuesday, 27 February

The Arditti Quartet's repertoire encompasses lmost 400 works for string quartet, plus around 80 for string trio, with other instruments or with orchestra. Except for three string quartets—Quartet No. 2 by Carl Nielsen (1890/91), Quartet No. 2 by Claude Debussy (1893), and Quartet No. 1 by Arnold Schönberg (1897)—and Beethoven's Great Fugue, all works are from the 20th or 21st centuries; the most recent are from the current year. Which quartet could keep up with such a repertoire?
Since its founding at the Royal Academy of Music in London in 1974, the Arditti Quartet has remained true to its concept of only playing works of classical modern, new, and contemporary times. In Basel, the four musicians have played Scelsi, Harvey, Ferneyhough No. 3 and No. 4 (as the premiere of commissioned work), Berg, Webern, and Schönberg: a brief but good cross-section of their repertoire. The Arditti musicians are not only “world champions in premieres” (as the Basler Zeitung once headlined), but they guarantee the highly competent interpretation of new music, for which they have received numerous awards.
On this evening, the Arditti Quartet will be playing string quartets by James Clarke, Olga Neuwirth, Jonathan Harvey, Helmut Lachenmann, and Iannis Xenakis in the Hans Huber-Saal.
Tickets are CHF 38-68 for adults, CHF 28-58 for students, and CHF 5 for youths under age 20.


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