Asparagus and Wine Tasting

Paul Ullrich—Schneidergasse

German wine maker and farmer Hanspeter Ziereisen not only produces wonderful wines but also asparagus that is known far beyond the border. The Ziereisen winery will be selling fresh asparagus as well as their wines every Saturday from 9:00-13:00 until June 4 at the central Schneidergasse location of Paul Ullrich as well as in the courtyard of their location at Laufenstrasse 16. Simply drop by from 9:00–13:00 to taste his wines and purchase asparagus (cash only); admission is free. Note that the asparagus sells out quickly, so it is best to arrive early! You can also pre-order at the Schneidergasse location (+49 7628 2848).


Paul Ullrich AG
Schneidergase 27
4051 Basel

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