Ballet — Sleeping Beauty

Musical Theater Basel
Saturday, 13 January

"Sleeping Beauty" held a special place in P. I. Tchaikovsky's heart, as he considered it to be his finest ballet creation. This timeless masterpiece, a harmonious collaboration between the brilliant choreographer Marius Petipa and composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, successfully breathed life into Charles Perrault's magnificent fairy tale on the stage. Remarkably, for over 120 years, the production has retained its popularity and earned worldwide recognition, enchanting audiences across generations.
The joyous celebration of the birth of their long-awaited daughter, Princess Aurora, sees the king and queen extend invitations to all the fairies of the kingdom for a grand feast. However, one fairy is excluded, having secluded herself in her tower for half a century. Uninvited, an evil witch appeared and delivered a foreboding prophecy: on the day of Princess Aurora's coming of age, she would inadvertently prick herself on a spindle, plunging into an eternal slumber. Only a young prince may break the spell and rescue his beloved princess.
The ballet "Sleeping Beauty" is like a symphony, seamlessly progressing with breathtaking continuity: a resplendent gilded palace, a flourishing garden, and a dense forest, where vibrant scenes replace one another. A myriad of fairy-tale characters graces the stage, from fairies and Puss in Boots to Little Red Riding Hood and Blue Bird. The grandeur reaches its pinnacle with a magnificent wedding adagio, a triumphant celebration of love's victory. Every movement is akin to a magical brushstroke on a living canvas, crafting a spectacle that transcends time and etches an impression on those fortunate enough to witness its beauty.
The grace and precision exhibited by the dancers of this first-class international troupe breathe life into the characters and emotions meticulously crafted into each pirouette by the composer and choreographer. The international troupe Royal Classical Ballet includes the most talented ballet dancers hailing from various European countries, including Italy, France, England, and beyond. This professional ensemble embarks on an annual tour, gracing stages in numerous cities and countries around the world.
Tickets are CHF 49-129, 30% discount for children up to age 12.


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