Ballet Stars Unleashed

Musical Theater Basel
© julien benhamou
Saturday, 13 April

Come to “Ballet Stars Unleashed” to celebrate the brilliance of today's ballet stars as they take the stage, liberated to share their chosen choreographies. Each movement, a testament to their artistry and dedication, embraces the joy and beauty of the dance.
The dancers will present their skill and passion at three shows in Basel, Lausanne, and Zürich. Each of the shows will be unique, with its own set of dancers and choreographies. The artists come from well-known ballet companies including The Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Vienna State Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and the English National Ballet, just to name a few. Experience the magic as these exceptional artists offer a glimpse into their world, telling stories of passion and grace through the mesmerizing language of ballet. It will truly be a night dedicated to the extraordinary.
Tickets are CHF 69-149.


Musical Theater Basel
Feldbergstrasse 151
4058 Basel

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