Ballet — Stoffwechsel (Metabolism)

Schauspielhaus Theater Basel
Wed 24.04. | Sun 28.04. | Fri 03.05. | Sun 05.05. | Thu 09.05. | Sat 11.05. | Fri 17.05. | Sat 25.05. | Mon 03.06. | Wed 12.06.

This program will present two ballets by La Ribot and Fabrice Mazliah. In the first part of the evening, “LIVEstinguished” by La Ribo, the dancers’ bodies set everything in motion. They are equipped with cameras, and as a result, the audience experiences two points of view: the frontal view of the performance and, on their own mobile phones, the personal view of the person being filmed live. A dizzying scale game between close-up and long shot, focal length and depth of field emerges. The bodies become luminous tableaus—erotic, ridiculous, bizarre—that fade away.
In the second piece of the evening—the world premiere of “The End of Things: The Things of Ends”—the dancing ends and ends again. Recycling final moments from many dance pieces, real and fictitious, the dancers move through an endgame of starts and finishes. Created by Swiss choreographer Mazliah, born in Geneva and newly based in Basel, the piece presents the dancers’ cooperative research on the topic of transitioning. The dance is accompanied by original music by Johannes Helberger (electronic composition) and Ensemble Aventure (arrangement and performance). Complexly layered, the performers work together in a way that is meticulously constructed, playful, and curiously virtuosic.
Tickets are CHF 30-70.


Schauspielhaus Theater Basel
Steinentorgasse 7
4051 Basel

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