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Sunday, 07 April

The music of György Ligeti is characterized by an unprecedented openness with which this great Austro-Hungarian sound magician encountered a wide variety of cultures and genres in his search for the new. His son Lukas Ligeti has inherited this curiosity and moves between different musical traditions—both as a composer and as a percussionist in his Ouagadougou-based band Burkina Electric.
György Ligeti's Piano Concerto is considered his aesthetic credo—free from stylistic constraints, a tour de force full of pianistic discoveries. Whole-tone scales and pentatonic scales, several keys at the same time, complex rhythms, and harmonically overwhelming sound journeys—the starting point of which can also be found in the composer's admiration for African polyphony.
Composer Hannah Kendall's family roots lie in Guyana. She has long since made a name for herself in her home country of Great Britain. For example, her orchestral piece “The Spark Catchers,” inspired by a poem about workers in a London match factory, premiered at the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall in 2017.
Lukas Ligeti's suite, written for his own band Burkina Electric and orchestra, explores the tension between the different approaches of these ensembles from different worlds—the classical symphony orchestra on the one hand and the African pop band on the other. It is a kind of concerto grosso that artistically unites both groups involved, a musical-conceptual adventure.
Tickets are CHF 34-76 for adults, CHF 18-39 for students and youths under age 25, and CHF 5 for children under age 12.


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