Basel Tattoo Parade

Marktplatz Basel
© pressebilder patrick straub
Saturday, 20 July

One of the main highlights of the Basel Tattoo summer spectacle is the Basel Tattoo parade, which will once again wind its way through the streets of Basel’s inner city this year. All formations of the Basel Tattoo, as well as numerous guest formations from Switzerland and abroad, will enchant the more than 120,000 visitors lining the streets and ensure an atmosphere in the city rivaled only by the Basel Fasnacht.
The parade will march through the center of Basel, from Freie Strasse to Marktplatz, Mittlere Brücke, Clarastrasse, and Messeplatz. It starts at 14:00 and ends around 16:00. For more information on the route and the participating groups, see their website.
This spectacular event is free.


4001 Basel

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