Basel’s Magical Courtyards

Various Locations
Ongoing Event
Mon., 27 November until Sat., 23 December

When the cold winter air blows through the narrow streets of Basel's old town and there is a constant scent of mulled wine and cinnamon in the air, some of Basel’s hidden courtyards awaken in their magic. For the first time this year, 18 selected Basel courtyards are transformed into contemplative Christmas oases in the run-up to the holidays and guarantee a well-deserved time-out away from hectic everyday life!
All of the 18 festively lit and decorated "Zauberhöfe" (magical courtyards) are worth visiting because they each have their unique charm. One of them is the “Zauberhof by Johann Wanner.” Located right next to his Christmas house, Johann Wanner, the city's well-known manufacturer and dealer of handmade Christmas decorations, is transforming the historic Spalenhof into a Christmas oasis with a vintage look. In the Schmiedehof near the GGG library, you can not only experience magical moments, but also enjoy a culinary offering. And in the inner courtyard of Basel Rathaus (City Hall), there is a large Christmas tree, and in the evening, a light projection that brings the figures on the wall to life while visitors write down their wishes in the large book of wishes.
The 18 magical courtyards include:
• Zauberhof by Johann Wanner (Spalenberg 12, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Christoph Merian Stiftung (St. Alban-Vorstadt 12, 4052 Basel)
• Zauberhof im Schmiedenhof (Im Schmiedenhof 10, 4001 Basel)
• Zauberhof Rathaus (Marktplatz 9, 4001 Basel)
• Zauberhof Noohn & Haus zum Kirschgarten (Elisabethenstrasse 27, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Antikenmuseum (Luftgässlein 5, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhöfe im Teufelhof (Leonhardsgraben 47-49, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Volkshaus (Rebgasse 12-14, 4058 Basel)
• Zauberhof Löwenzorn (Gemsberg 2, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Gasthof zum Goldenen Sternen (St. Alban-Rheinweg 70, 4052 Basel)
• Zauberhof Consum (Rheingasse 19, 4058 Basel)
• Zauberhof Kornhaus “Thai Food – Kitchen 41” (Kornhausgasse 10, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Hyve (Gempenstrasse 64, 4053 Basel)
• Zauberhof Hotel Pullman (Clarastrasse 43, 4058 Basel)
• Zauberhof Weinbar Invino (Bäumleingasse 9, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Café-Bar La Cour (Schneidergasse 28, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof kleinbasel by Tanja Klein (Schneidergasse 24, 4051 Basel)
• Zauberhof Steinenschanze Stadthotel (Steinengraben 69, 4051 Basel)
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