Basler Fasnacht

Various Locations

Despite some modifications, the Basler Fasnacht—Basel’s “Drei scheenste dääg” (three best days)—will be taking place again this year! For 72 hours—from 04:00 on Monday to 04:00 on Thursday—Fasnacht groups (Cliques), will be allowed to roam through town in their costumes and with beautifully decorated lanterns, playing their traditional music with piccolo flutes and drums. This is also known as “gässle.” For most of the time they will be joined by the Guggemusik marching bands.

There will be several special activities:
• The Fasnacht starts with the Morgenstreich at 04:00 on Monday morning (see separate entry).
• From Monday, 20:00, to Wednesday, 12:00, about 80 of the large lanterns created by the Cliques and used during the Morgenstreich will be exhibited on Münsterplatz—a beautiful sight especially at night, when the lanterns are illuminated.
• Tuesday afternoon is Children’s Fasnacht, where the youngest members of the Cliques and their families can wander through the city. This is the only time when children are allowed to dress up in costumes and participate.
• On Tuesday evening, from 18:30-20:30, Guggemusik groups will march from Messeplatz through Clarastrasse, Mittlere Brücke, Greifengasse, Markplatz, and Gerbergasse to Barfüsserplatz. From 20:00-23:00 there will be a Guggemusik concert at Claraplatz. The two other official concerts that typically take place on this evening on Barfüsserplatz and Marktplatz have been cancelled, but spontaneous concerts by individual Guggemusik groups are permitted.

Restaurants and club houses (Cliquenkeller) will be open around the clock for participants. Only the traditional huge parades on Monday and Wednesday afternoon have been cancelled this year due to the ongoing pandemic and the lack of time to prepare after the lifting of the related restrictions.

Note that public transport will also be affected by the Fasnacht:
• Special trains, trams, and buses will take participants to the Morgenstreich on Monday morning; check the SBB, BVB, and BLT websites for details.
• On Monday morning, no trams and buses will pass through the town center before 9:00 and again after 13:00.
• On Tuesday and Wednesday, no trams and buses will pass through the town center from 13:00 until 06:00 the next morning.
• On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the Wettsteinbrücke will be closed entirely from 13:00-20:30.

Enjoy this fantastic and unique festival!

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