Beethoven — Missa solemnis

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Sunday, 11 September

Beethoven’s “Missa solemnis” is an unrivaled masterpiece in terms of its intellectual depth, its musical radicalism, and its human orientation. Beethoven does not encounter his God in subservience, but on an equal footing, so to speak—his palpable reverence, his spiritual connection is based on a fearless, self-aware humanity.
For the Motettenchor Region Basel and the Tablater Konzertchor St. Gallen, the “Missa solemnis” is a highlight of the tried and tested collaboration under their conductor Ambros Ott. Our time needs Beethoven—his music is still up-to-date, it pulls you in, touches the heart, and promotes mental resilience.
Tickets are CHF 30-70 for adults, half price for students, and can be purchased at Bider & Tanner or through Ticketcorner.


Stadtcasino Basel
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4051 Basel

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