Bicycle Market

Grüssen Center
Saturday, 01 April

On this day, the Grüssen Center shopping center in Pratteln will be holding a bike market where you can sell your bike and/or equip yourself with a new bike for spring. Experts will be on hand to advise you on this day so that you can find the right used bike or offer your own bike for sale.
If you want to sell your bike, bring in your clean, roadworthy bike to the acceptance point in the Grüssen Center from 9.00-11.00 (you will need to show your ID) and fill out the registration form (can also be done online via their website). When the bike exchange closes at 16:30, you can collect the proceeds from the sale (or the unsold bike) at the collection point.
If you want to buy a bike, come to the Grüssen Center between 11:00-16:30 to browse and get competent on-the-spot advice. There will be no EC or credit card payments, so bring cash to pay at the checkout.
Entrance is free.


Grüssen Center
Grüssenweg 10
4133 Pratteln

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