Bikefestival Basel

Sportanlage St. Jakob
Sat 24.08. | Sun 25.08.
9:00-18:00 | 9:30-16:00

Bikefestival Basel, which takes place at the Schänzli Arena at St. Jakob, is an event for fans of bicycle racing and stunts as well as for bicycle enthusiasts in general, with plenty to see and do. For two days, there will be various cycling events, including the finals of the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup, one of the most important race series in Europe, with approximately 700 contenders. The 1.5 km track is set entirely within the Schänzli Arena, so that the audience can watch every part of the action.
Bicycle racing is not just for adults. The Primeo Energy Kids Race will be a highlight once again for the little racers of tomorrow. Kids ages 2-5 will be doing their rounds on the course over simple obstacles; riding and training on the course starts at 11:00. Registration takes place on site, and if kids don’t have a balance bike, they can be rented on the spot. Qualifications will be at 14:30 on Saturday and Sunday, and the final races will start at 15:30 on Saturday and 15:15 on Sunday. All participants will be rewarded with great prizes.
Another attraction is the Pepita Trial Show—a sport that can only be described as extreme parkour on stunt bikes. Spectators will hold their breath as the participants jump between obstacles and balance in the most unfathomable ways on their bikes. There will be shows at 11:00, 13:05, 15:00, and 16:45 on Saturday and at 11:00, 13:00, and 14:30 on Sunday (workshops follow immediately after the shows).
In the Kestenholz Jump Show, world-class athletes will defy gravity with their jumps, showing the best tricks on the slopestyle parcours, which is so named because of its resemblance to world-class skiing slopes and whose obstacles that are newly designed each year. This event is an absolute crowd pleaser, setting the highest standard for adrenaline junkies. There will be shows at 11:40, 13:30, and 16:00 on Saturday and at 11:30, 13:20, and 15:40 on Sunday.
The festival also includes events for those who would like to hop on the saddle themselves. One of them is the Baselbieter Bike Challenge on Saturday, where neither timing nor ranking is important, but first and foremost the joy of biking. There are three trails to choose from— a 20-km route with an elevation change of 500 m for beginners, families, and school classes; a 42-km trail with an elevation change of 1,000 m; and a 67-km trail with an elevation change of 1,780 m. With spectacular views, the event aims to motivate large sections of the population to engage in sports while discovering Basel’s beautiful surroundings. E-bikes and gravel bikes are also welcome. Motivate your friends to join you and do it together—the largest groups will be rewarded with valuable prizes. Additionally, there are great prizes to be won, and each participant will receive a goody bag that includes a CHF 20 Velo Plus voucher, CHF 11 pasta voucher, Jenzer power bar, Pepita 5 dL drink, 1 bidon, and much more. Visit their website to see a map of the different trails and register online to participate. Registration costs CHF 35-55 (depending on the trail length you choose) until August 9; registration after that will incur an additional CHF 20 late fee.
If you need more adrenaline, you can spend the weekend practicing and improving your time and stunts on the Primeo Energie Pumptrack—a small, oval, slanted track full of twists, bends, and jumps. The Pumptrack is open to all bikers throughout the weekend, starting at 11:00.
Last but not least, Bike4Ukraine is a fun and entertaining fundraising event that takes place at 17:30 on Saturday on the race circuit of the Proffix Swiss Bike Cup. Here, hobby bikers, kids, and costumed cyclists on bikes, tandems, tricycles, or unicycles can ride to raise money that this year again benefits 13 Ukrainian sports cyclists who were brought to Switzerland by Swiss Cycling at the beginning of 2022 and who now receive room and board as well as training opportunities here. Sponsors can either make a contribution per round or a fixed donation to participants. So don your funniest costume, decorate your bike, and try to complete as many rounds as possible in the most entertaining or outrageous style. You can sign up for this event online until August 17. Registration costs CHF 20 or CHF 30 if you register after August 15; on-site registration until 30 minutes before the start is also possible with an additional cost of CHF 15.
Whatever your interests in cycling, come to the Schänzli Arena near St. Jakob—Europe’s largest bike arena—for a weekend of bike fun! Check their website for the exact schedule of events.
It is greatly recommended that you get there by public transport or by bike as the FC Basel will also be playing that weekend, and parking will be very limited.
Entrance is free.


Sportanlage St. Jakob
Grosse Allee 5
4142 Münchenstein

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