Atlantis Basel
Wednesday, 28 June

It's the year 2023—there are filters everywhere. Everyone looks the same, everyone listens to the same music, everyone uses the same phrases, everyone wants to be better than just good. Everything seems to be the same, and everyone always wants the same thing. Sounds like the script for a pretty dystopian blockbuster, doesn't it?
But then there's the stunning Chicago band Blaqrock. The saviors of individualism. Unfiltered Truth. While others rhyme over the well-known four radio chords, Blaqrock demonstrate how it works. A fat mix of the Beastie Boys and RATM takes you on a journey that leads you into the past in a strikingly authentic way, but which takes place in the present.
Their long-awaited full-length album “DDDYD—Dreams Don`t Die, You Do” was published this April. It contains the popular singles "I Became my Brother," "Bleach (My Hair)," "Cut the Lights," and of course the new single "Call Your Bluff" (released February 17th).
Tickets are CHF 30 in advance and CHF 35 at the door.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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