Blauen Berglauf Forest Run

Mehrzweckgebäude Hofstetten
Sunday, 05 May

If a fun run through forests and meadows sounds enjoyable, why not do the Blauen Berglauf in Hofstetten? Runners can choose from the 5-, 10-, and 15-km runs through the village, fields, and forest around Hofstetten. Walkers can choose between a 5-km and a 10-km route. For kids under age 14 only, there is also a 600-m run through the small village (with optional parent accompaniment), as well as an extended children's route (Kinderlauf maxi) with two laps in the village center, totaling 1400 m in length. All routes are marked by colored arrows on the ground, and runners will be guided by marshals at every fork in the road. The children’s runs start at 11:00 (600 m) and 11:40 (1,400 m), whereas the longer runs start at 12:00.
Register online on their website until April 30; late registration can be made on site for an additional CHF 5. Starting numbers will be handed out on site on the day before (May 4) from 17:00-18:00, as well as on the day itself starting at 9:30. Registration, as well as run start and finish, is at the Mehrzweckgebäude/Gemeindeverwaltung in Hofstetten, which can be reached by car from Basel in 25 minutes; there is a parking lot near the start of the race. You can also reach Hofstetten by taking tram 10 to Rodersdorf, then take the Postauto bus 68 to the stop called “Ettingerstrasse.”
The costs for the run are CHF 10 for youths under age 20, and CHF 30 for adults; CHF 5 extra for on the-spot registration.


Mehrzweckgebäude Hofstetten
Büneweg 2
4114 Hofstetten

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