Blaulichttag (Blue Lights Day)

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Saturday, 24 September

Come to Barfüsserplatz on this day to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of “Blaulichtdienste” (blue-light services) in the Basel area, specifically the Sanitätsdienste (ambulance services).
On May 2, 1922, the government council approved the takeover of the patient transport service by the canton’s medical department (now called health department). In 2008, however, the ambulance service, as well as related Blaulichtdienste (police fire department, rescue services, etc.) were incorporated into the Justiz- und Sicherheitsdepartement (justice and security department).
To celebrate this 100-year anniversary of the 1922 council decision, numerous activities are taking place in 2022, including a “Blaulichttag” (blue light day) on the Barfüsserplatz on September 24. At this event, they will present nostalgic moments of the Basel rescue services through image, video, and audio sequences. Their paramedics will be on site with a large part of their vehicle fleet. Together with the other blue light services, their employees will be available to answer any questions about the Basel-Stadt rescue or specific questions about medical services.
This event is free.

To learn more about the history of Basel's ambulance services, check our article "Basel's Ambulance Services Celebrate 100-Year Anniversary."


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