Cakes Da Killa

Rossstall Kaserne Basel
© ebru yildiz
Friday, 20 October

New Jersey rapper Cakes Da Killa is one of the most important figures in the ever-growing queer hip-hop scene. With explicit lyrics about gay sex, inventive rhymes, and clubby dance beats, he brings black excellence, visibility for the LGBTQ+ community, and ballroom culture together and makes butts shake in clubs and festivals all over the world. Artists such as Honey Dijon and LSDXOXO celebrate Cakes' style and have collaborated with him on their own productions. Most recently, he released the album “Svengali” in 2022, which even features jazz references and transposes the era of speakeasy bars and the Harlem Renaissance into a raw hip-hop present.
Tickets are CHF 20 in advance or CHF 24 at the box office.


Rossstall, Kaserne Basel
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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