Candlelight Concert — Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”

Reithalle Wenkenhof
18:00-19:05 | 20:00-21:05

The Candlelight Concerts are a series of original concerts that bring the magic of a multisensory live music experience to impressive locations that have never been used for this purpose in Basel.
On this evening, you can experience Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" in the Wenkenhof Reithalle, illuminated by gentle candlelight. The concert will last 65 minutes, without a break. You can enter starting 30 minutes before the concert, but no entry will be allowed after the start to preserve the very special ambiance. Minimum age is 8; entry under age 16 only in the presence of an adult.
Tickets are CHF 37-75.


Reithalle Wenkenhof
Hellring 41
4125 Riehen

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