Chamber Choir Notabene — Storytelling

Kath. Kirche Bruder Klaus, Liestal
Thursday, 01 February

The current program of the Notabene Basel Chamber Choir, under the directorship of Christoph Huldi, tells actual about events or legends.
The Filipino Ily Mathew Mariano sets the destructive typhoon of 2013 and the suffering of the survivors to music in “Daluyong.” In “Horizons,” the South African Peter van Dijk describes the Bushmen's encounter with the first white people, who were worshiped as gods, but who killed them in return. In “Which was the son of,” Arvo Pärt speeds through the entire Old Testament...Let yourself be surprised! “Vepsa Rajad” includes bizarre anecdotes of the Karelian vepses, collected and set to music by the Estonian Veljo Tormis. In “A Boy and a Girl,” Eric Whitacre sets to music the deep emotional experiences of a couple with very few words. Finally, “S isch äben e Monsch uf Ärde” tells the well-known, tragic Guggisberg song. Brütsch sets each of the numerous verses differently for an eight-part choir.
Entrance is free; there will be a collection.


Katholische Kirche Bruder Klaus
Rheinstrasse 18
4410 Liestal

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