Chamber Orchestra — Ungeschminkt historisch (Unvarnished Historical)

Don Bosco Basel
Monday, 06 March

If velvet could be a sound, then the beginning of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 29 would be made of velvet. This delicate yet strong fabric slowly condenses in perfect balance of movement. The various movements of the symphony are connected via thematic figures. The famous Mozart researcher Alfred Einstein once found very beautiful words for this music: "It is a new feeling for the deepening of the symphony, its rescue from the merely decorative. The instruments change their character; the violins become more spiritual, the wind instruments avoid anything noisy.”
Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4 goes well with this symphony; he composed it in just a few days. Here, too, the ideas sparkle, but not in an exalted manner. Rather, they swell calmly and in the greatest naturalness out of themselves. The motifs sparkle, answer each other, imitate bagpipes, and fade into nothingness. Unvarnished into the present and staged by two of the best soloists of our time.
Also on the program are Johann Sebastian Bach’s Symphony No. 6 in G major and Iris Szeghy’s “Hommage à Mednyánszky,” which has been commissioned by the Kammerorchester Basel and has its world premiere at this concert.
Tickets are CHF 20-80 for adults and CHF 10-40 for students.

Don Bosco Basel
Waldenburgerstrasse 34
4052 Basel

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