“Chambermusic” — David Helbock & Camille Bertault

Kulturhotel Guggenheim
Tuesday, 16 May

Camille Bertault and David Helbock, two exceptional talents of young European jazz, explore the immeasurably wondrous playing field of jazz. Bertault is France's rising star of jazz singing and the Austrian Helbock is one of the most interesting pianists on the continent. At first glance, they are two personalities that couldn't be more different. But the lively, humorous Bertault and the level-headed, self-contained Helbock only appear different on the outside, because musically they just click—both are unprecedentedly versatile and captivating storytellers with a deep sense of timbre and a great desire to push the boundaries of their profession. “Playground” presents an identical piano-vocal duo, opulent, and versatile.
Tickets are CHF 31.00-46.30.


Kulturhotel Guggenheim
Wasserturmplatz 6
4410 Liestal

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