Cherry Festival in the Black Forest

Königschaffhausen (D)
Sat 25.05. | Sun 26.05.

The Black Forest of Germany is an area that is rich in tradition, with traditional dress, cuisine, beer, wine, music, culture, and festivals of all kinds. It is also a very fertile land with an abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are celebrated locally in the most interesting ways. When a harvest is plentiful, there will by definition be festivals to celebrate these wonderful bounties, from wild garlic (Bärlauch) in March and asparagus in April to flowers and grapes in the fall.
At the “Kaiserstühler Kirschenfest” (cherry festival) in Königschaffhausen, the cherry is revered and celebrated in every way, with parties, bands, street entertainment, and of course plenty of cherries, cherry pies, black forest cake, cherry preserves, cherry schnapps and liquors, and every other imaginable way in which cherries can be consumed. The activities start on Friday evening at 19:00 and finish on Sunday evening with a dance; you can download a PDF of the weekend activities from their website.
If you are a fan of cherries, cultural festivals, and visiting quaint towns, check out the Kirschenfest, now in its seventh decade. Königschaffhausen is located one hour by car from Basel.
Entrance is free.


79346 Endingen am Kaiserstuhl

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